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The Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think, how they behave, and, more importantly, how all this impacts their current level of leadership effectiveness.  It is the only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that are causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations.

Focus Energy Balance Indicator

The Focus Energy Balance Indicator is a validated psychometric instrument that measures 4 energy patterns in the nervous system that map to 4 factors of personality, 4 ways of moving, and 4 essential modes of leadership. The results suggest practices that work with the body and mind together so you can win on your strengths and use the right energy at the right time.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Based on Carl Jung’s theory of type, Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be particularly useful as a team building tool to understand group dynamics and each individual’s contributions and blind spots within the team. The tool is a forced-choice, self-reporting questionnaire that yields 16 different types that non-judgmentally describe people’s preferences for how they focus attention, gather information, make decisions, and manage time.

Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0

The Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0 (EQ-i 2.0) measures an individuals' emotional intelligence.  Science and professional feedback from the    EQ-i® strengthened the direction of this second generation assessment.

The Emotional Quotient 360 (EQ 360) is an emotional intelligence assessment that allows leaders to receive feedback from peers, managers, direct reports, and others on how they leverage their emotional intelligence.

the team Dialogue Indicator

 The Team Dialogue Indicator is a unique diagnostic tool that allows teams to reflect on their conversational habits and patterns as a first step to identifying improvements.

SOAR (Success through Observer Action Results) is a comprehensive, highly interactive training program to bridge communications gaps increasing team dialogue, engagement, and productivity.

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