Embody Life More Fully!

Opportunities to Explore

Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences according to Carl Jung) brought you here.  Congratulations on taking your 1st step as an explorer seeking new horizons.  

Together, let's cultivate capacity to courageously enact a sustainable world.

We begin with our own internal transformation and we use the body to accelerates our learning and development.


Embodying Coaching

Though embodied inquiry and body-oriented practices, we discover your way of being to gracefully and skillfully transform challenges into opportunities and evolve success into significance.


Embodying Learning

Our mission is to awaken embodied wisdom.  By engaging whole person intelligence and understanding, we create value by enabling our authenticity to emerge.


Embodying Leadership

"Leadership is authentic influence that creates value" (Cashman).  As a leader, our authenticity is our being in action.  Through the body, inspiration awakens and motivation moves.


Embodying Practices

"Embodied practice is built upon a pre-reflective and ambiguous 'ground' of experiences as lived-through and expressed."


explore (v.) 1580s, "to investigate, examine," a back-formation from exploration, or else from Middle French explorer (16c.), from Latin explorare "investigate, search out, examine, explore," said to be originally a hunters' term meaning "set up a loud cry," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + plorare "to weep, cry."


embody (v.) 1540s, in reference to a soul or spirit invested with a physical form; from 1660s of principles, ideas, etc.; from em- (1) "in" + body (n.). Related: Embodiedembodying.


enact (v.) early 15c., "act the part of, represent in performance," from en- (1) "make, put in" + act (v.). Meaning "decree, establish, sanction into law" is from mid-15c. Related: Enactedenacting.

"Realize there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths."  ~ Mark Nepo